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Moneris offers a range of online fraud protection tools for businesses of all sizes.

Protect your business against online transaction fraud with these real-time solutions that minimize losses and improve your bottom line.

Standard Tools

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Card Verification Value (CVV)

Confirms the customer knows the 3-4 digit code on the card provided, and validates it with what is on record with the issuing card bank.

Address Verification Service (AVS)

Matches the address the customer provided to the address on the record with the issuing card bank.

Advanced Tools

Real-Time Cardholder Authentication

3-D Secure provides real-time authentication of an online shopper to their card issuer through Visa® Secure and MasterCard Identity Check®.

Real-Time Risk Assessment

Moneris Kount® Enterprise helps you to protect your business in real time against online transaction fraud by providing real-time risk assessments for select transactions. Minimize loss, reduce chargebacks, and increase order acceptance with Moneris Kount Enterprise.

Card Tokenization and Protection

  • Tokenization

Tokenization replaces credit card details with a unique identifier (the token) that remains stored in the Moneris Vault. Tokens can be shared across your business and used for subsequent transactions online and at the point-of-sale* As no card data is stored by the merchant, security is that much stronger.

  • Vault
  • Our Vault resides on the Moneris Gateway to securely store data, including tokens and customer information. Merchants can create customer profiles for future transactions and update customer records in real-time.

  • Hosted Tokenization (HT)
  • For online businesses that prefer not to handle card numbers directly, the card data is collected by Moneris on the merchant’s behalf. A token is returned to complete the online transaction.

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