The Transactions (DEBIT & CREDIT) Menu

This transactions menu allows you to select the type of transaction you want to process. The menu also provides access to the CONFIGURATION menu (press the green OK key), and to the REPORTS menu (press the reportbutton.jpg (REPORTS) icon).

The transactions are listed here in the order they appear on the menu. Some items may not appear on the terminal until a specific feature is enabled.



Select this menu item to:



process a Credit or Debit Purchase.

Pre Auth


open the Pre Auth menu.



process a Credit or Debit Refund.



process a Credit Advice.



process a Credit or Debit Correction (void).

Balance Inq


performs a balance inquiry on a pre-paid credit card.

Batch Close


process a Batch Close.

Batch Review


search for a transaction in the open batch.

Batch Clear


clear the batch on the terminal - do not use unless instructed to do so by the Moneris Merchant Service Centre.

Batch Reclaim


reclaim the batch on the terminal.

The Transactions Menu


To access the transactions (DEBIT & CREDIT) menu:

        On the applications menu, select DEBIT & CREDIT.


To return to the applications menu:

        Press the * (asterisk) key.

Note: For instructions on navigation through the menus, see The Menu Feature.