Processing a Batch Close

Moneris has two types of settlement:

Note: To close multiple terminals at once, see Multi-Terminal Batch Close.

Note: To print the Batch Totals report without closing the batch, see The Batch Totals Report.

Merchant Close

If your merchant account is set up for Merchant Close settlement, you must process a Batch Close transaction in order to have the funds from your POS transactions deposited to your business account. Here’s how:

Step 1: Process a Batch Close Transaction

1. On the applications menu, select DEBIT & CREDIT.
The message "Activating App..." is displayed then the transactions menu appears.

2. Scroll down and select Batch Close.
If the "Password:" prompt appears, key in the Manager Password and press the green
OK key.

3. At the "Close Type?" prompt, select Sngl.
The terminal communicates with the Moneris Host then prints the Batch Totals section of the Batch Close Report.

4. At the "Prt Stored Trans?" prompt, select Yes to print the Stored Transactions Report.

5. At the " Rpt Period:" prompt:

a. To print the transactions for a specific date, select Date, key in the date at the Date " YYYYMMDD:" prompt then press the green OK key.


b. To print all transactions in the batch, select All.

The terminal prints the Stored Transactions Report and the "Close Batch?" prompt appears.

Step 2: Confirmation

1. When the "Close Batch?" prompt appears, check that the totals on the Batch Totals Report match the totals on the printed Stored Transactions Report.

If they match, select Yes to close the batch. The terminal finishes printing the Batch Close Report and returns to the transactions menu.

If they do NOT match, select No to cancel the Batch Close process and call Moneris the next business day for reconciliation assistance.

Note: If you don’t make a selection at the "Close Batch?" prompt within two minutes, the terminal will beep three times then return to the transactions menu without closing the batch.

System Close

If your account is set up for System Close settlement, Morris automatically settles your transactions for you at the end of each day. You must verify transaction totals on a daily basis. Here’s how:

Step 1: Print a Stored Transactions Report.

Step 2: Print a Merchant Sub-Totals Report.

IMPORTANT: The Merchant Sub-Totals Report must be printed before 11:00 p.m. local time.

Step 3: Confirmation

Confirm that the totals on the Merchant Sub-Totals Report match the totals on the Stored Transactions Report. If they do not match, contact Moneris within 30 days for reconciliation assistance.