Batch Totals Report

This report is printed as part of the Merchant Batch Close process but can be printed WITHOUT closing the batch.

Note: Interac Flash transactions are included in the Interac transaction totals.

To print the Batch Totals Report:

1. On the applications menu, select DEBIT & CREDIT.
The message "Activating App..." is displayed then the transactions menu appears.

2. Scroll down and select Batch Close.
If the "Password:" prompt appears, key in the Manager Password and press the green OK key.

3. At the "Close Type?" prompt, select Sngl.
The terminal communicates with the Moneris Host and prints the Batch Totals section of the Batch Close Report.

4. At the "Prt Stored Trans?" prompt, select No.

5. At the "Close Batch?" prompt, select No.
The terminal displays a "Batch Close Failed" message, finishes printing the report with the message on it and returns to the transactions menu.