Registering the terminal to a Base

You may register your new terminal to the communications base that was packaged with it, or you may register the terminal to a different iWL220 base if that base is already functioning as a communications base.

1. Note the following before proceeding:

Do not register the terminal to more than one base at a time.

If you are using dial communication as default, do not register more than one terminal to the base.

If you are using Ethernet communication and/or your terminal will be connected to a restaurant POS system, do not register more than five (5) terminals to one (1) base.

If you are registering multiple terminals to one base, register each terminal individually.

If you are registering the terminal to a base that is already communicating with one or more initialized terminals, ensure that the initialized terminals are all using the same version of POS software:

a.  For each terminal, print a Configuration Report, and refer to the "SOFTWARE VERSION" value near the top of the report.  

b.  Ensure that the "SOFTWARE VERSION"  value is the same for each registered terminal before proceeding with the registration of the new terminal.

2. Record the 8-digit Base ID as printed on a label found on the underside of the communications base to which the terminal is to be registered.

3. Do one of the following:

If you are registering a new terminal to a new communications base (i.e., there are no terminals currently registered to this base), follow the "Converting the Communications Base Mode" procedure.

If you are registering a terminal to a communications base that is already connected to one or more initialized terminals, follow the "Establishing a Connection to the Communications Base" procedure.