Demo Mode

Demo Mode allows you and your employees to practice operating the Moneris VX 820 Duet terminal WITHOUT affecting your terminal total amounts, your financial accounts or your customers’ accounts.

Note: Demo Mode is available only if you close your terminal batches on the terminal (Merchant Close). If your terminal uses System Close, you cannot use Demo Mode. (See Processing a Batch Close.)

While the terminal is in Demo Mode:

        The DEMO icon () is displayed on the left side of the screen on all menus (except the applications menu).

        All financial transaction types that are supported on your terminal can be performed in Demo mode.

        All financial transactions will be approved and the message APPROVED DEMO will be displayed on the screen.

        All transactions will be stored in the terminal’s memory while you remain in Demo mode.

        All receipts for demo transactions and reports on demo totals will have a DEMO banner printed across the top of them.

        The initial transaction amount must be $1.00 or less.

        If you wish to add a tip to the Purchase amount, the tip amount must be $1.00 or less.

        If you select or key in a Cashback amount during a Debit Purchase, only $1.00 is added to the transaction amount regardless of which Cashback amount is selected or keyed in.

        If you change parameters values while the terminal is in demo mode, those changes will not be cleared when you exit Demo mode. Parameter values affect the way the terminal works in both live mode and demo mode. Any changes you make in demo mode will also affect the way terminal works when you perform live transactions.

        If you power off the terminal while it is in Demo mode, it will still be in Demo mode the next time you power up the terminal.


For instructions on using Demo Mode, see:

        Transactions Available in Demo Mode

        Entering Demo Mode

        Exiting Demo Mode