Solving Hardware Problems

If terminal does not display an error message but is not functioning correctly, review this list of hardware problems to find suggested solutions.



Communication problems are happening intermittently.

Contact Moneris Customer Care for assistance.

Chip cards can not be processed.

If the card entry prompt is "Swipe Card" and the terminal won’t accept inserted chip cards (i.e. it beeps and remains at "Swipe Card" when a chip card is inserted),  contact Moneris Customer Care for assistance. 

Display screen is blank

Ensure that the power cable is firmly connected to the power port on the Magic Box and the wall jack. Also, open up the connection well on the underside of the terminal and ensure the power connector on the Splitter is connected to the power port inside the connection well.

If the display is still blank, contact Moneris Customer Care for assistance.

Display lighting is too bright or too dark

The contrast setting is too high or too low.

Check the contrast setting and increase or decrease it to work with the lighting at the terminal location.

Magnetic Stripe Card reader won't read cards.

Try swiping the card more quickly or more slowly, or from the front of the reader towards the back.

Try swiping a different card. If this card can be read, the problem is with the first card. Request another form of payment.

Use a Head Cleaning Card to clean the card reader (a.k.a. the magnetic stripe reader or MSR). Contact Moneris Customer Care if you need Head Cleaning Cards.

If the card reader still won't read cards, contact Moneris Customer Care for assistance.

Nothing is possible on the terminal after initial communications configuration is completed: not initialization, not transactions

Contact Moneris Customer Care for assistance.

Printer Jam

Open the printer and check that:

        the paper feed is clear.

        the paper roll is seated correctly.

Close the printer lid and ensure that it is closed completely.

When the problem is fixed, the printer will finish printing the receipt or report that was in progress.  If necessary, reprint the transaction.

Note:  Debit transactions cannot be performed until the printer problem is fixed. Credit transactions can be performed manually if necessary.