Listed below are some of the more common procedures followed on the VX 820 Duet .

For other, more specific procedures, see Financial Transactions, Admin Transactions, Reports, End-of-Day Procedure and Demo Mode Transactions.

        Powering up the terminal

        Setting the Terminal's Manager Password

        Powering down the terminal   

        Loading paper in the printer

        Selecting the terminal language

        Taking a manual imprint of a credit card

        Transaction prompts:

        Responding to basic transaction prompts

        Entering a tip amount

        Entering a Cashback amount on a debit transaction

        Entering the Clerk ID

        Entering an Invoice number


        Finding a transaction's Sequence and Orig Auth numbers

        Signing credit card receipts

        Reprinting a receipt

        Printing a cash receipt

        Entering alphabetic characters and punctuation

        Cancelling a transaction

        Cancelling a report

        Balance Inquiries on pre-paid credit cards

        Terminal security:

        Changing the manager password

        Requesting a Code 10 Authorization

        Dealing with disputed debit transactions