Configuring the Cashback Feature

Cashback Amount Prompting on Debit Transactions

To enable Cashback prompting:

1.      Set the CashBack Option parameter to On.

2.      Make sure the Show CB Choices parameter is set to On.

IMPORTANT: The Cashback option is not available for contactless debit (Interac Flash) transactions.


Changing Cashback Amounts

To change the pre-set Cashback amounts:

1.      Set any of the Amt 1, Amt 2 and Amt 3 parameters to new amounts of your choice.

2.      Make sure the CashBack Option parameter is set to On.


Setting the Cashback Limit

To change the pre-set Cashback limit:

        Set the Amt Limit parameter to a new amount of your choice.

For Cashback customer entry procedures, see Entering a Cashback Amount.