Processing a Pre-Authorization Completion

Follow the procedure below to complete a Pre-Authorization once the final amount is known.

Note: A Completion must be performed on the same terminal using the same card number. The card does not need to be present.

To process a Pre-Authorization Completion:

1. On the applications menu, select DEBIT & CREDIT.
The message "Activating App..." appears followed by the transactions menu.

2. To begin the transaction, select Pre Auth.

3. On the Pre Auth menu, select Completion.
If the "Password:" prompt appears, key in the manager password and press the green OK key.

4. Key in the 6-digit Sequence Number printed on the Pre-Authorization transaction’s receipt and press the green OK key (see Finding Sequence and Orig Auth Numbers).

If the message "No Record Found" appears, repeat step 2.

The terminal displays the following information about the Pre-Authorization:

Card Name
Transaction Type
Card Number

5. Compare the displayed information to the Pre-Authorization's receipt. If the information matches, select Yes to proceed. To cancel the Completion, select No.

Note: If the displayed Pre-Authorization is not the one you want, select Next to display the next Pre-Authorization in the terminal memory. Repeat until the transaction you want is displayed.

If prompted for a Clerk ID ("Clerk Id:"), see Entering the Clerk ID.

If prompted for an Invoice Number ("Invoice Id:"), see Entering an Invoice Number.

6. When the Pre-Authorization amount and the "New Amt:" prompt appear:

a. To change the Pre-Authorization amount, key in the amount and press the green OK key.


b. To continue the transaction with the original amount, press the green OK key.


c. To release the funds, key in an amount of $0.00 and press the green OK key.

Note: If Tip Processing is enabled and the cardholder has entered a tip amount on the Pre-Authorization receipt's Tip line and you want the Tip amount printed on a separate line on the Completion's receipt, press the green OK key to key in the amount at the Tip prompt, as shown below.

7. Follow the remaining prompts on the terminal.

If prompted for Tip Entry, see Entering a Tip Amount. If you chose to print the Tip amount on a separate line (step 4) above, key in this amount at the Tip prompt.

8. Process receipts (see Personalized Receipts and Signing Credit Card Receipts).

Note: If processing the Pre-Authorization Completion on a Private Label Card, you may be prompted for a Promo Code.

For details on basic prompts, see Responding to Basic Transaction Prompts.