Terminal Parameters (Edit Terminal Menu)

The Edit Terminal menu allows you to edit Terminal parameters.

Transactions menu (DEBIT & CREDIT) > CONFIGURATION menu (press the green OK key) > Setup menu > Terminal > Edit Terminal menu

Note: For instructions on navigation through the menus, see The Menu Feature.

IMPORTANT: Do Not Edit the parameters in this menu unless directed by Moneris. Only some of the menu's parameters are listed below. You can ignore all other parameters.

Tip% nn.nn

Sets a predetermined percentage of tip automatically added to Purchase transaction amounts (0-9999). If set to 0 (default) no tip is added.

Key in a percentage and press the green OK key.

Tip Processing

Enables/disables tip prompting on Purchase, Pre-Authorization Completion and Advice transactions.

Enables/disables printing of the tip line on Pre-Authorization transaction receipts.

None (default)

On - Prompt

Sug Tip% 1 nn

default = 15

Sug Tip% 2 nn

default = 20

Sug Tip% 3 nn

default = 25

The Sug Tip% 1 nn, Sug Tip% 2 nn and Sug Tip% 3 nn parameters determine up to three suggested tip amounts for gratuity guidelines printed on Pre-Authorization receipts.

Note: The Tip Processing and Gratuity Guide? parameters must be enabled.

The parameters also determine the suggested tip amounts displayed when Enhanced Tip Processing is enabled (EnhancedTipProc parameter is set to On).

Note: If all three parameters are set to 0, selecting % on Enhanced Tip Processing prompts the customer to key in a % amount (if an external PINpad is connected to your terminal, the options still appear showing 0%). The Gratuity Guide? parameter does not need to be enabled to use Enhanced Tip Processing.

Key in a percentage and press the green OK key.

Manager Pwd

Changes the manager password.

Key in password and press the green OK key.

Clrk/Srvr Mode

Enables/disables the Clerk Id: prompt.

0 - None (default)

2 - Prompt

Note: If the Use Def. Clrk? parameter is enabled, the prompt is disabled.

Idle Timeout

Sets the number of seconds the error message is displayed before the terminal returns the "Swipe or Insert Card" prompt.

Key in number of seconds and press the green OK key.

PINpad Type

Configures the PINpad type, if one is connected to the terminal.

IPP - Standalone mode (default).

External XPI - An external PINpad is connected.

None - No PINpad type set. Do not use.

Note: You must power down and then restart the terminal after switching the PINPad Type between IPP and External XPI.


Sets the value of the PABX prefix that must be dialled to access an outside line.

Key in the prefix ( min. 1, max. 4 alphanumeric characters ) and press the green OK key.

Note: This value is listed as the " PABX Access Code" on the Terminal Parameters Report .

Histories Limit

Do Not change this parameter unless directed to do so by Moneris.

Show CB Choices

Enables/disables the display of debit transaction Cashback pre-set amounts on the terminal and, if applicable, the external PINpad. On the terminal, the customer can also select Other to key an amount of their choice.

On - pre-set amounts are displayed for selection by the customer (default)

Off - the customer must key in a cashback amount

Note: The CashBack Option parameter must be enabled. The desired pre-set amounts are configured via the Amt 1, Amt 2 and Amt 3 parameters.

Enable CTLS

Enables/disables use of a modular contactless reader connected to the terminal.

On (default if your Moneris merchant account is configured for contactless reader use)

Off (default if your Moneris merchant account is NOT configured for contactless reader use)

Idle Time Fmt

Sets the time format of the clock displayed on the transactions menu.

24 Hr (e.g. 14:24)

12 Hr (e.g. 02:24pm)

Terminal Beep

Enables/disables key beeping.

On (default)


Process Tax

Enables/disables tax amount prompting on Purchasing Card transactions (the "xST Amt:  $" prompt).


Off (default)

Note: You must enable the Commercial on? parameter. The Tax Type (xST) parameter is configured on the Moneris host.

Trning Settle?

Enables/disables settlement during Demo Mode.


Off (default)


Manual Password

Enables/disables the manager password prompt when a card number is manually entered during a transaction.

On (password prompt is displayed)

Off (default - no password required)

CashBack Option

Enables/disables the Cashback Option on Debit transactions.


Off (default)

Note: The Show CB Choices parameter must be enabled. You can configure the pre-set cashback amounts (Amt 1, Amt 2, Amt 3) that are displayed for selection by the customer. You can also configure the maximum dollar amount the customer can request as cashback (Amt Limit).

Commercial On?

Enables/disables processing of Purchasing Cards ( a.k.a., Commercial Cards or Corporate Cards).


Off (default)

Gratuity Guide?

Enables/disables printing of three suggested tip amounts on Pre-Authorization receipts.


Off (default)

Note: The Tip Processing parameter must be enabled. You can configure the amounts via the three Sug Tip% parameters.