Configuring the Modular Contactless Reader

If you have set up an optional modular contactless reader for use with your terminal, follow the instructions below to configure it on your terminal.

To configure the contactless reader:

1. On the applications menu, select DEBIT & CREDIT.
"Activating App" appears followed by the transactions menu.

2. Press the green OK key to access the CONFIGURATION menu.

3. Select Setup, key in your manager password and then press the green OK key.

4. Select Terminal then select Next until "Enable CTLS" appears.

5. Make sure "Enable CTLS" is set to On. If yes, skip to step 7. If no, proceed with step 6.

6. Select Edit and then select On.

7. Select Exit. If prompted to save changes, press the green OK key.

8. Press the red CANC ANNUL key then press the * (ASTERISK) key to return to the applications menu.