Planning the Rewards Program Configuration

Air Miles rewards are awarded based on the formula you configure on the terminal as a Reward Program.





Rewards Program Calculation Overview

The Air Miles Rewards program applies the Calculator and Factor values to the Purchase amount to determine the number of Reward miles to be awarded.

If an Incentive value, Start date and End date have been configured and the Purchase occurs within the Start and End dates, the number of Rewards miles will be multiplied by the incentive value to determine the number of Incentive Rewards to be awarded.

If Bonus Offers have been configured, and the cardholder has purchased a qualifying item, the program will multiply the Bonus Offer value by the number of items purchased to determine the number of Bonus Offer miles awarded.

The program then totals all miles awarded and compares it to the Maximum Rewards value to ensure it is not over the maximum before applying the miles to the cardholder's Rewards account.

Click here for a detailed list of calculations in the order they are applied.

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Rewards Program Components

There are three components that may be used in calculating the reward miles:

Purchase Amount

The terminal calculates the number of rewards miles based on the dollar value of the cardholder's purchase to which configurable variables are applied.


The terminal automatically applies a multiplication factor to any Air Miles Rewards miles that have been awarded within a configurable time period.

Bonus Offers

If the cardholder's Purchases include items identified as Bonus Offer items, the terminal awards a configurable number of miles per item.

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Rewards Program Parameters

Before configuring an Air Miles Rewards program on your terminal, you will need to decide which parameters to use in creating your formula and what values those parameters will have. The parameters are:

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