Rewards Program Planning Worksheet

Print this sheet and fill in the values you wish to use for each parameter in the Rewards Program.  If the program has more than one Bonus Offer, print a copy of this worksheet for each Bonus Offer.

You will need to refer to these values when configuring the program.

Step 1. Enable the Rewards Program:

Enable Reward Program?:   YES  

Step 2. Select the Program Type

Program Type (circle one): RETAIL or WHOLESALE

Step 3.i. Configure the Calculator and Factors

Calculator 1 ___________

Factor 1 ___________

Calculator 2 ___________

Factor 2 _________

Step 3.ii. Configure the Incentive:

Description ____________________________

Automatically applied? (circle one): YES or NO

Value ____

Incentive Start Date ( YYYYMMDD): ______________________

Incentive End Date ( YYYYMMDD): ______________________

Step 3.iii Set the maximum number of rewards per transaction:

Maximum Rewards per Transaction: _____________

Step 3.iv Set the Rewards Totals Reset time of day:

Rewards Totals Reset Time ( HHMM): ______________

Step 3.v: Enable the Enter Reference Number prompt:

Enable Enter Reference Number prompt (circle one): YES or NO

Step 4. Configure the Bonus Offers:

Number: ________

Description: _________________________

Reward Type (circle one): MULTIPLIER or POINTS

If MULTIPLIER selected:

Value: _____________

Multiplier Type (circle one): BASE POINTS or BONUS OFFERS

Program Type (circle one): RETAIL or WHOLESALE or BOTH

If POINTS selected:

Number of miles: ______________

Program (circle one): RETAIL or WHOLESALE or BOTH

MLT Bonus Offer applicable: _____________

Start Date ( YYYYMMDD): ______________________

End Date ( YYYYMMDD): _______________________

Step 5. Configure the Tax Setup:

Tax Type: NO TAX or HST or GST/PST

Tax Percentage: Type: _______ = ______%  and Type: ________ = ______%


Step 6. Set the SAF Upload Time Period:

SAF Upload Time Period: (MM) ______________