Starting a Loyalty Card Transaction from a Financial Transaction

The Moneris loyalty application can be started automatically at the end of a financial transaction (debit/credit) as well as through the Ernex menus.

When the UPDATE POINTS TO ANOTHER CARD? prompt appears:

a. To complete the financial transaction without starting a Loyalty card transaction,
press the key_f3-r.jpg key to select NO.

IMPORTANT: If this prompt appears at the end of a:
Pre-Auth Advice for a Voice Authorized transaction, you MUST select NO.
Refund or Void of a partial approval transaction, select NO.

The terminal returns to the READY screen.


To start a Loyalty transaction using an loyalty card,
press the key_f1-r.jpg key to select YES.
The SWIPE OR ENTER CARD prompt appears.

b. If the financial card was swiped, swipe the loyalty card.
If the financial card number was keyed in (e.g. for a MOTO transaction), key in the loyalty card number, and press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.

Go to the appropriate loyalty transaction and continue from the SWIPE OR ENTER CARD prompt.

If you completed a financial (debit/credit):

this loyalty transaction will begin:


loyalty Purchase (step 4)


loyalty Refund (step 4)


loyalty Void (step 4)


loyalty Void (step 4)


loyalty Pre-Auth

Pre-Auth Advice  

loyalty Pre-Auth Advice