Setting up and Configuring the Terminal
Using Semi-Integrated Mode
Using Training Mode
Performing Financial Transactions
    Transactions_ General Guidelines
    Payment Types
    Card Programs
    Transaction Types
    UnionPay cards
    Partial Approval
       Partial approval
       Balance Inquiry
       Partial Approval Transaction Scenarios
       Performing Balance Inquiries on Pre-paid Credit Cards
       Partial Approval Purchase Transaction on the Terminal
       Partial Approval Purchase on the External PINpad
       Partial Approval - Purchase Void
       Partial Approval Refund
       Partial Approval - Refund Void
       Cancelling Partial Approval Transactions
       Partial Approval Receipts
       Balance Inquiry Report
Performing Gift/Loyalty Transactions
Performing Report Transactions
End-Of-Day Procedure
Performing Admin Functions
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