Partial Approval Purchase Transactions with the External PINpad

IMPORTANT: When performing a purchase involving pre-paid credit cards, use the pre-paid cards first before using other payment methods.

See the Partial Approval Transaction Scenarios topic for more information on transaction flows for a Purchase involving Partial Approval.

From the READY screen:


To navigate through the menus:

- Scroll down: press the key_f1-r.jpg key to move the highlight bar down.
- Scroll up: press the key_f3-r.jpg key to move the highlight bar up.
- Select a highlighted item: press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.


1. Key in the amount of the Purchase, and press OK.

If the ENTER CLERK ID entry screen appears, refer to the "Entering the Clerk ID" procedure.

If the ENTER INVOICE NO entry screen appears, refer to the "Entering the Invoice Number" procedure.

2. If Tip Entry is enabled, the CONTINUE ON PINPAD prompt appears on the terminal. The cardholder responds to the tip prompts on the external PINpad. Refer to the  Cardholder Prompts if needed.

    The SWIPE CARD GLISSER LA CARTE prompt appears on the terminal. On the external PINpad , the SWIPE/INSERT CARD prompt appears.

If contactless functionality is enabled, the SWIPE/INSERT/TAP CARD prompt appears on the PINpad.

3. Enter the pre-paid credit card on the terminal (or on the external PINpad):



a. Swipe the card on the terminal (or on the external PINpad) .

If the ENTER LAST 4 DIGITS entry screen appears on the terminal , key in the last 4 digits of the Card number, and press OK.

b.  Continue below at step 4.


4.  Please wait while the terminal processes the partial approval transaction:

The PARTIAL APPROVED $XXX.XX CONT. ON PINPAD prompt appears on the terminal.

The PINpad displays PARTIAL APPROVED $XXX.XX and prompts the cardholder to accept or cancel the transaction.

5. On the PINpad, the cardholder presses F4 (for OK) to accept the partial approval or presses F1 to CANCEL it.

Note: For certain card types, there will be another prompt on the PINpad displaying the card balance after the partial approval has completed. This balance prompt will remain until the cardholder presses OK to acknowledge the amount.

6. The following prompts appear:

On the terminal

On the PINpad



CR/DB                CASH




The merchant needs to consult with the cardholder to determine how they are paying for the remaining balance. No input is allowed on the PINpad. Depending on the cardholder's decision, the merchant presses F1 for CR/DB or F4 for CASH.

7. The terminal prints a merchant copy of the partial approval purchase receipt, followed by the cardholder copy.


Terminal displays:

PINpad displays:

a. The terminal prints the merchant copy.

b. Ask the cardholder to sign this receipt.





c. The terminal prints the cardholder copy.

b. Give this receipt to the cardholder.






8. Based on the tender type the cardholder chose in step 6, do one of the following:

9. Process receipts.

If the Gift & Loyalty program is enabled you will see the following prompt on the terminal:


YES                                         NO

Refer to the Loyalty Card Transaction from a Partial Approval Purchase topic for more information.

10. The partial approval transaction is complete. The terminal returns to the READY screen and the PINpad returns to the WELCOME/BONJOUR screen.