Main menu

To get to the Main menu, see Navigating the terminal.

Menu item Use this menu to:


Reprint the last receipt or another receipt

Screen Lock

Lock the screen using a temporary lockcode

End of Day

Close your batch and print batch reports

Quick Setup

Launch the Software Setup procedure to set up your terminal

Software Update

Display the Software Update menu. You can:

§        check for software updates,

§        sync your terminal with Moneris


Card Not Present

Display the Card Not Present menu.

Note:  The Card Not Present icon appears on the Main menu only when the Card Not Present function is enabled.

Language Settings

Set the language of the terminal to French or English.

Power Off

Tap this icon to power off the terminal. See Power the terminal on and off Power off for more information.


Display the Transactions menu.


Display the Reports menu.


Display the Settings menu