Configuring Static IP Communications

If your terminal will communicate with the Moneris host over the Internet using Public IP with static IP addressing, you will need to set up these parameters.

IMPORTANT: Consult the IP Readiness Checklist to ensure proper network configuration. The IP Readiness Checklist is available for free download at

Note: If the terminal is configured to use Ethernet communications and dial backup is available, when Ethernet communication is not available the terminal will attempt to use dial communications.

Note: The terminal's MAC address can be found on the yellow sticker situated in the connection well.

1.       Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the Magic Box BEFORE completing these steps.

2.       Set the Comm Link parameters:

a.       On the applications menu, select DEBIT & CREDIT.
The message "Activating App..." is displayed, then the transactions menu appears.

b.       Press the green Green_Key.jpg key to display the CONFIGURATION menu.

c.       Select Setup, key in the manager password and press the green Green_Key.jpg key.

d.       Scroll down and select Host.

e.       Scroll to the following parameters and edit them:

        Comm Link Type - set to "CommServer".

        Settle Comm Type - set to "CommServer".

        If you wish to configure dial backup, set the Backup Support parameter to "Auto Backup" or "Prompt Backup".
If dial is set up as backup, the terminal will attempt to use dial communications when Ethernet communication is not available.

f.        Select Exit then select OK to save changes.

g.       Press the red Red_Key.jpg key, then press the * (asterisk) key to return to the applications menu.

3.       Set the static IP Settings parameters.

a.       At the applications menu, press the 2 key.

b.       Key in the Comm Server password and press the green Green_Key.jpg key.

c.       Press the purple key below the Ethernet Config icon (CommServer_Cfg_icon_small.jpg). The Ethernet Config menu appears.

d.       At the Ethernet Cfg menu, select IP.
"IP Settings" appears.

e.       Select Edit, then select Static.

f.        If your Ethernet network requires the parameters listed below, perform steps g and h for each parameter. Otherwise skip to step i.

g.       Select Next to view these parameters.

h.      Select Edit to key in the address for each of these parameters. To key in a period (.), press the number 1 key then the ALPHA key. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to determine the addresses.

§         IP Address

§         Subnet Mask

§         Gateway IP Add

§         DNS1 IP Address

§         DNS2 IP Address (your Ethernet network may not require this parameter)

i.         Select Exit then select Yes to save changes. CommServer restarts and the terminal reboots back to the applications menu.

4.       Reconnect the Ethernet cable to the Magic Box and the wall jack.