Demo Mode Transactions

Most transactions can be practiced in Demo Mode on the terminal (see Entering Demo Mode and Exiting Demo Mode).

        Financial Transactions by Card Type

        Reporting Functions

        Administrative Functions


Transactions that cannot be per­formed do not appear on the terminal screen while in Demo Mode.

The terminal CANNOT perform a Batch Close in Demo mode. You can clear transactions from the Demo batch by using the Batch Clear function while in Demo mode or by selecting Yes at the "Clear Batch" prompt when you exit Demo Mode.

Note: Demo transactions are limited to a maximum amount of $1.00.
If Tip Processing is enabled, the maximum tip amount in Demo Mode is $1.00.
If Cashback is enabled, the maximum Cashback amount in Demo Mode is $1.00.
The maximum final total amount (purchase + tip + cashback) is $3.00.


Financial Transactions

Most financial transactions are available regardless of the type of card used, however Purchasing Cards (i.e., Corporate Cards) cannot be used while in Demo Mode.





        Pre-Authorization Completion

        Pre-Authorization Deletion




Click on the function name for instructions on performing that function.

Reporting Functions

Stored Tran Rpt

Deposit Totals

Clerk SubTotals  

Multi Terminal  

Merch SubTotals

Terminal Parms  

Terminal Stats

EMV Param Rpt  

EMV Diagnostics  

Pre-Auth Rpt

Admin Functions



Batch Review  

Batch Clear


3 = Paper feed

6 = Quick Setup

9 = Cash Receipt

Green Green_Key.jpg Key = Configuration menu

* = Applications menu


The following Setup functions should NOT be used in Demo Mode although they are available:




        Merchant IDs

        IP Hosts