Reprinting Receipts

This function prints a duplicate Cardholder copy of a receipt.

Note: To have the function print the Merchant copy of a receipt as well as the Cardholder copy, enable the Reprnt Merch Copy parameter (see Configuring Receipt Printing).

Note: For debit transactions, if you set the Customer Copy parameter to “None”, only the Merchant copy of the receipt initially prints. But if you perform a reprint receipt, the Cardholder copy is printed.

To reprint a receipt:

1.       On the applications menu, select DEBIT & CREDIT.
The message "Activating App..." is displayed, then the transactions menu appears.

2.       Press the REPRINT key (second purple key from the right). The REPRINT menu appears.

3.       Choose one of the following:

        To reprint the Cardholder copy of the last transaction receipt, select Last Receipt.

        To reprint a different receipt, select Any Receipt, key in the transaction's Sequence Number and press the green Green_Key.jpg key.

The terminal prints the Cardholder copy of the receipt.

Note: On Signatureless Transactions, only the Cardholder copy is printed regardless of the Reprnt Merch Copy setting.


If the "Reprint Last Merchant Cpy" prompt appears:

        Select Yes to print the Merchant copy of the receipt.

        Select No to return directly to the transactions menu without printing.