Processing a Pre-Authorization

Follow the procedure below to authorize a temporary amount when the final amount of a credit card Purchase is not known.

To process a Pre-Authorization:

1.       On the applications menu, select DEBIT & CREDIT.
The message "Activating App..." appears followed by the transactions menu.

2.       On the transactions menu, select Pre Auth.
If the "Password:" prompt appears, key in the manager password and press the green Green_Key.jpg key.

3.       On the Pre Auth menu, select Pre Auth again.
The "Amount: $  0.00" prompt appears.

4.       Key in the Pre-Authorization amount and press the green Green_Key.jpg key.
If prompted for an Invoice Number ("Invoice #:"), see Entering an Invoice Number.
The "Swipe Card" or "Swipe or Insert Card:" prompt appears.

5.       Swipe or insert the card. For more information, refer to Card Entry Options.

6.       Follow the prompts on the terminal.

        If prompted for a clerk ID ("Clerk Id:"), see Entering the Clerk ID.

        If prompted for a password during manual card entry, see Password Protection on Manual Card Entry.

7.       Process receipts (see Personalized Receipts and Signing Credit Card Receipts).

Note: If Tip Processing is enabled, a blank Tip line is printed on the receipt below the base amount. If a signature line is printed on the Pre-Authorization receipt, the cardholder MUST sign the receipt.

8.       When the final amount of the purchase is known, process a Pre-Authorization Completion for the final amount using the same card number.

Note: If processing the Pre-Authorization on a Private Label Card, you may be prompted for a Promo Code.

For details on basic prompts, see Responding to Basic Transaction Prompts.