The Modular Contactless Reader

vx810duetwithmodreader.jpgIf an optional modular contactless reader is connected to the Vx810 Duet terminal and your merchant account is configured for it, you can process contactless transactions. In a contactless transaction, the customer taps a contactless card on the contactless reader instead of swiping or inserting it.

Note: If an optional external PINpad is connected to the Vx810 Duet, the contactless reader is connected to the PINpad instead of to the terminal.

Contactless Transactions Allowed

Contactless cards can be tapped on a contactless reader for credit Purchases and Refunds only if the amount is at or below the maximum Contactless Dollar Value (CDV).

Maximum Contactless Dollar Value (CDV)

To determine the maximum CDV for a card, print the EMV Parameters Report and locate the Contactless Trans Limit parameter under the report's record for the card. A CDV of 9999 means there is no maximum limit.