Loading Paper in the Integrated Printer

left_open_nopaper.gif        left_open_paper.gif

Paper well open and empty                                    Paper well open with roll of paper


To load a paper roll into the terminal:

1. Open the paper well at the.

2. Push the printer latch up and towards the back of the base.

3. Remove the paper roll that is in the paper well.

4. Prepare the new paper roll: Loosen the glued leading edge of paper and unwind the paper roll past any glue residue on the paper, or remove the protective strip.

5. Place the new paper roll into the paper well with the loose end unrolling from the bottom of the roll towards the front of the base.

6. Pull the loose end of the paper towards the front of the base at least one inch (2.2 cm) past the metal teeth at the front of the paper well. Make sure any glue residue on the paper role is past the cutting teeth of the printer.

7. Close the printer lid and press firmly on it to ensure that it is securely latched.

8. Tear off the loose end of the paper by pulling it down then sideways across the metal teeth.

9. Select DEBIT & CREDIT and then press the 3 key to feed paper through the printer and ensure it is working properly.

10. Press the * (ASTERISK) key to return to the applications menu.

The printer is ready to print again.

Note: If the printer ran out of paper in the middle of a receipt or report, you may be able to reprint the receipt or report.