Using Quick Setup

The Quick Setup menu provides quick access to a number of popular terminal configuration parameters. See the list of parameters below.

To access Quick Setup:

  1. On the applications menu, select DEBIT & CREDIT.
    The message "Activating App..." is displayed, then the transactions menu appears.

  2. From the transactions menu, press 6.
    The "Password:" prompt appears.

  3. Key in the manager password and press the green OK key.
    The first Quick Setup menu appears.

Options for Each Parameter


These parameters can also be found on other menus. For instructions on editing the parameters, click on the menu name indicated in parentheses beside the parameter.

Scroll back to the previous parameter by pressing the Prev key, or scroll to the next parameter by pressing the Next key. Press the Edit key to edit the displayed parameter. Press the Exit key to exit back to the previous menu. Press the red CANC ANNUL key once to return to the Quick Setup menu. Press the red CANC ANNUL key twice to return to the transactions menu.





Do Not Use