Configuring Clerk ID Prompting and Clerk Sub-Totalling

Clerk ID Prompting

To enable the Clerk ID prompt:

For the Clerk ID prompting procedure, see Entering the Clerk ID.

Using a Default Clerk ID

To automatically use the same Clerk ID for all transactions (no ID prompting):

  1. Set the Clrk/ Srvr Mode parameter to None.

  2. Add the Clerk ID to your terminal.

  3. Set the Use Def. Clrk? parameter to On.

  4. Set the Default Clerk parameter to the Clerk ID added in step 2.

Note: Clerk ID prompting must be disabled in order to use a default Clerk ID. Before setting a Clerk ID as the default, you must add it to your terminal.

IMPORTANT: If you have more than one terminal, use must configure the Default Clerk ID on each terminal individually.

Clerk Sub-Totalling

To enable Clerk Sub-Totalling on your terminal to produce Clerk Sub-Total Reports:

  1. Set the Clrk/ Srvr Mode parameter to Prompt.

  2. Add Clerk IDs as needed.

To delete Clerk IDs added to your terminal: