Card Programs

Depending on the card issuer, a payment card may incorporate Chip and/or Stripe and/or Contactless functionality.  The card entry method at the POS (see below) determines which functionality is used and how the card interfaces with the terminal.  

Card Entry at the POS

To use Chip functionality: chip-icon.gif
When the SWIPE OR INSERT CARD (or SWIPE/INSERT/TAP CARD) prompt displays, you or the customer insert the card into the terminal chip reader.   

To use Stripe functionality: symbol-mag-stripe.jpg
When the SWIPE CARD (or SWIPE OR INSERT CARD or SWIPE/INSERT/TAP CARD) prompt displays , swipe the card on the terminal’s magnetic stripe reader.  

To use Contactless functionality : contactless_symbol.jpg
When the SWIPE/INSERT/TAP CARD prompt appears, the customer taps or waves their card over the terminal display screen.   


To use Manual Card Entry:

If all available Card Entry methods fail, you may manually enter the card number for credit cards and some debit chip cards: When SWIPE CARD or SWIPE OR INSERT CARD or SWIPE/INSERT/TAP CARD displays, key in the card number, and press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.