Processing UnionPay Cards

Process UnionPay cards the same as you would other debit and credit cards, following the prompts on your terminal.  If you experience one of the error messages below, perform an assisted UnionPay transaction. This option will guide you through additional steps required to recognize unique card attributes and assure the transaction is routed to the UnionPay network.

Tips for Processing UnionPay Transactions


Follow-on Transactions (Refund, Pre-Auth Completion, or Void)

First determine if the original transaction (Purchase or Pre-Auth) was assisted (see below). If the original transaction was assisted, then initiate an assisted transaction for the Refund, Pre-Auth completion, or Void.

Otherwise, process the transaction as you normally would.  If needed, refer to Credit Transactions or Debit Transactions.

How to determine if the original transaction was an assisted UnionPay transaction

Look at the original receipt, either the cardholder copy or the merchant copy. If UNIONPAY is printed below APPROVED on the receipt, then the transaction was assisted by using the UnionPay function key or the UnionPay transaction menu.