Printing the Pre-Authorization List

This report lists all Pre-Authorization transactions in the terminal memory that match the criteria you select.

Criteria are:

The results are printed.

From the READY screen:

To navigate through the menus:

- Scroll down: press
the key_f1-r.jpg key to move the highlight bar down.
- Scroll up: press
the key_f3-r.jpg key to move the highlight bar up.
- Select a
highlighted item: press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.

For information about the keys...

1.  Press the key_admin-r.jpg  key.
The MAIN MENU appears.

2. Scroll down to REPORTS, and press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.
The REPORT FUNCS menu appears.

3. Scroll down to PRE-AUTH LIST, and press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.
The SWIPE ADMIN CARD prompt appears.

4. To print unmasked card numbers on the report, swipe the POS Admin card; otherwise, to print masked card numbers, simply press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.

The PRE-AUTH LIST menu appears.

If the ENTER CLERK ID entry screen appears ...

5. Select the type of Pre-Authorization transaction:

The PRINT DATE OR BATCH? prompt appears.

6. Select the order in which you want the Pre-Authorization transactions to be listed in the report:

7. The terminal displays PRINTING while it prints the report then returns to the READY prompt.