Gift/Loyalty Programs

The Moneris Gift/Loyalty program allows you to offer your customers two electronic card-based programs that are activated and processed through the iWL255 terminal:

To enable a gift/loyalty program on your terminal:

1. Contact Moneris Solutions.

2. Enable Ernex on the terminal.

3. Initialize the terminal to the Moneris Host.

IMPORTANT: If you process more than one card plan with Moneris, maintain a list of the card names along with the first 14-character card description that will be displayed on the terminal screen during step 6 of the Transaction Inquiry report. This will allow the terminal operator to easily identify which card plan description to select.

4.  If you wish to enable Tip Prompting (gift Purchases only):

a.  Enable the gift/loyalty Tip Entry parameter. Your customers will be prompted to enter a tip as a dollar amount or as a percentage.

b.  In addition, you may define one or more default tip percentages: