Assisted UnionPay Purchase with Tip Entry Enabled

Follow these steps to perform an assisted UnionPay Purchase.

  1. At the READY screen, press the F1 key.
    The USE UNIONPAY CARD? prompt appears.

  2. Select YES.
    The PURCHASE-UP ENTER AMOUNT screen appears.

  3. Enter the purchase amount and press the key_okay-r.jpg key.

  4. If the ENTER CLERK ID prompt, refer to the "Entering the Clerk ID" procedure.

    If the ENTER INVOICE NO prompt appears, refer to the "Entering the Invoice Number" procedure.

  1. Follow the prompts that appear on screen:

If CUSTOMER PRESS OK TO CONTINUE appears, the cardholder presses the key_okay-r.jpg on the terminal.

If SELECT LANGUAGE/CHOISIR LANGUE appears, the cardholder selects ENGLISH or FRENCH.

When the PURCHASE $XX.XX? prompt appears, the cardholder confirms the purchase amount by pressing the key_okay-r.jpg key.

When the tip prompts appear, the cardholder can choose to enter a tip or to decline.  

When the PURCHASE $XX.XX? prompt re-appears, the cardholder confirms the final purchase amount by pressing the key_okay-r.jpg key.


  1. Enter the card as follows:



Manually Enter by Keying

(see conditions under Card Entry)

a.  Swipe the card on the terminal.

If the ENTER LAST 4 DIGITS screen appears, key in the last 4 digits of the card number, and press the key_okay-r.jpg key.

b.  Continue below at step 6.

a.  Key in the Card number, and  press the key_okay-r.jpg key.

The ENTER EXPIRY DATE screen appears.

b.  Key in the Expiry date, and press the key_okay-r.jpg key.

If the SWIPE ADMIN CARD prompt appears, swipe the POS Admin card.

If MAIL/TEL options appear, refer to the "Transaction with MOTO Enabled" procedure.

If the TAKE MANUAL IMPRINT OF CARD AND PRESS OK prompt appears, refer to the "Taking a Manual Imprint of a Card" procedure.

c. Continue below at step 6.

  1. Follow the prompts that appear on screen:

  2. If ENTER PIN & OK appears, the customer enters a PIN and presses the key_okay-r.jpg key.  For more information about PIN entry for UnionPay cards, refer to Card Verification.

If RETURN TO CLERK appears, the cardholder returns the terminal to you.

  1. When an APPROVED message appears (see list below) on the terminal , process the receipts that are printed:




    APPROVED ######

  3. The terminal returns to the READY screen.

NOTE: For debit transactions, account selection ( CHQ/SAV) is not supported.  Even if the prompt appears, and the cardholder selects an account, the transaction will be processed using the default account.