Clerk IDs

Clerk IDs are unique identifiers of one to six characters that a terminal operator keys in when prompted for each transaction they perform. This allows you to produce Clerk Subtotal Reports tracking financial totals and number of transactions.

A maximum of 255 Clerk IDs can be added for one Merchant ID.

Once Clerk Subtotalling and Clerk IDs are set up, the Clerk IDs associated with your Merchant ID can be used on any handheld terminal that has been configured using your Merchant ID.

Default Clerk ID

A default Clerk ID can be assigned on the terminal and all transactions performed on that terminal will be added to the Default Clerk IDs totals regardless of which operator performs the transaction.  The terminal will not prompt for a Clerk ID if a Default Clerk ID has been set.

Clerk ID Groups

Clerk IDs are defined as a group when they share up to five common start­ing characters (a prefix).
For example, Clerk IDs P1, P12 and P134 can be entered as a group with the prefix P1. When performing reports, all Clerk IDs that begin with the characters P1 are reported as Group P1.

Configuring Clerk IDs

Clerk Subtotalling must be configured before Clerk IDs can be configured.

Configuring Clerk Subtotalling

Adding Clerk IDs (including the Default Clerk ID)

Enabling Default Clerk ID

Removing Clerk IDs


During a Transaction

Entering Clerk ID