Setting Up the Terminal in Semi-Integrated Mode

Follow these steps to set up and configure the Moneris iCT250 terminal to work as a semi-integrated POS device with your electronic cash register (ECR).


1.  Refer to "Getting Started," and follow the steps to begin installing your terminal.


2.  Note that Moneris provides the following communications cables:

Terminal-to-Moneris Host cables

Terminal-to-ECR cables

Ethernet cable*

dial cable

RS232 serial cable or USB cable

* This cable may also be used to connect the terminal to your ECR via Ethernet networking.


3.  Determine the overview steps which you must follow to set up your terminal to work as a semi-integrated device:

a.  Refer to one option in the "Terminal-to-Moneris Host" cabling column (see below), and then cross-reference it with one option from the "Terminal-to-ECR" cabling row.

 b.  Once you have read the information pertaining to the configuration you have opted to use, click on the referenced procedure.