Terminal-to-ECR Cable: USB/Terminal-to-Host Cable: Ethernet or Dial

Follow these steps to connect the terminal to your ECR via a USB cable and to set up the terminal to communicate with the Moneris Host using dial or Ethernet communication (with or without dial backup).

Overview setup steps:

[1]  Download and install the required USB driver to your ECR, and then connect the terminal to your ECR.

[2]  Connect the iCT250 POS hardware, and power on the terminal (follow the "Setting Up the Terminal Hardware" procedure).

[3]  Enable Semi-Integrated mode on the terminal.

[4]  Configure the terminal-to-Moneris Host communications parameters (dynamic IP, static IP, or dial) on the terminal (continue in the "Getting Started" procedure at step 3).

[5]  Configure the terminal-to-ECR communications parameters (USB) on the terminal.

[6]  Initialize and log the terminal onto the Moneris Host (continue in the "Getting Started" procedure at step 4b).

[7]  Enable optional features on the terminal as desired.

[8]   For information and instructions for using your semi-integrated terminal to perform:

 - debit/credit and cash

 - gift transactions

 - loyalty transactions

 - end-of-day steps