Terminal-to-ECR Cable: RS232 Serial/Terminal-to-Host Cable: Ethernet or Dial

Follow these steps to connect the terminal to your ECR via an RS232 serial cable and to set up the terminal to communicate with the Moneris Host using dial or Ethernet communication (with or without dial backup).

Overview setup steps:

[1] Connect the terminal-to-ECR cable (RS232 serial).

[2] Connect the iCT250 POS hardware, and power on the terminal (follow the "Setting Up the Terminal Hardware" procedure).

[3]  Enable Semi-Integrated mode on the terminal.

[4]  Configure the terminal-to-Moneris Host communication parameters (dynamic IP, static IP, or dial) on the terminal (continue the "Getting Started" procedure at step 3).

[5]  Configure the terminal-to-ECR communications parameters (RS232 serial) on the terminal.

[6]  Initialize and log the terminal onto the Moneris Host (continue the "Getting Started" procedure at step 4b).

[7]  Enable optional features on the terminal as desired.

[8]  For information and instructions for using your semi-integrated terminal to perform:

 - debit/credit and cash

 - gift transactions

 - loyalty transactions

 - end-of-day steps