1. Enable the Rewards Program

You must enable the Rewards program on the terminal before you can process Air Miles Rewards card transactions.


From the READY screen:

To navigate through the menus:

- Scroll down: press
the key_f1-r.jpg key to move the highlight bar down.
- Scroll up: press
the key_f3-r.jpg key to move the highlight bar up.
- Select a
highlighted item: press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.

For information about the keys...

a. Press the key_admin-r.jpg  key.
The MAIN MENU appears.

b. Scroll down to REWARDS, and press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.
The REWARD PROGRAM menu appears.

c. Scroll down to PROGRAM SETUP, and press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.

If the SWIPE ADMIN CARD prompt appears, swipe the POS Admin card.

The REWARD PROGRAM Set-up menu appears.

d. Press the key_okay-r.jpg  key to select ENABLE REWARD.
The ENABLE REWARD PROGRAM? prompt appears.

e. Press the key_f1-r.jpg key to select YES.
The default is NO.
The REWARD PROGRAM menu reappears with additional options.

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