Configuring the PINpad for a USB Connection

1. Unplug the terminal’s power cable from the power source and then replug it to restart the hardware.

2. On the PINpad, do the following:

a. As soon as the PINpad displays the CPX version screen, press the key within 3 seconds.


b. When the “PIN/CARD BEEP” screen appears, go to the next step.


c. Press the key-p_f3-r.jpg key until the “COM PORT” screen appears.


d. Press the key_correct-r.jpg key until “USB-9600” appears.

e. Press the key_okay-r.jpg  key to select “USB-9600”.


f. The CPX version screen appears (with <USB-9600> displayed in the middle of the screen).


3.  Go back to the Configuring Your Terminal procedures.