Configuring the Air Miles Rewards Program

Air Miles rewards are awarded based on the formula you configure on the terminal as a Reward Program. After you have planned how the program will award miles, the terminal must be configured to match the formula. This function allows you to configure the terminal to process Air Miles rewards transactions and produce reports on those transactions.

There are six main steps to be completed when configuring the terminal to process Air Miles Rewards transaction.

1.  Enable the Rewards Program.

2.  Select the Program Type.

3.  Configure the Program:

    i. Configure the Calculator and Factors.

    ii.  Configure the Incentive.

    iii.  Set the maximum number of rewards per transaction.

    iv. Set the Rewards Totals Reset time of day.

     v. Enable the Enter Reference Number prompt.

4.  Configure the Bonus Offers if you intend to offer them.

5.  Configure the Tax setup.

6.  Set the SAF Upload Time Period.
The default is 5 minutes. If you wish to use this value you do not need to perform this step.

The terminal is ready to process Air Miles Rewards transactions.

Moneris recommends printing an Air Miles Configuration List to have a record of the program configuration and an Air Miles Help List to have a list of transactions available and their Admin Codes.