POS Admin Card

The Point-of-Sale Administrative card (POS Admin card) restricts access to various terminal functions as well as financial transactions that impact your financial account (e.g., Refunds and Voids).

IMPORTANT: You, the merchant, are solely responsible for the security and care of all your POS Admin cards at all times. If your POS Admin card is lost, stolen or damaged (or you suspect it may be lost, stolen or damaged), call the Moneris Merchant Service Centre immediately. All transactions completed with a POS Admin card are subject to the terms and conditions of your merchant agreement with Moneris. The merchant agreement contains important provisions regarding your responsibility for POS Admin card security and your liability for transactions made with a POS Admin card.

There are a number of factors that affect whether the terminal prompts for a POS Admin card including whether debit cards are processed, how the terminal is set up on the Moneris Host and whether the SWIPE ADMIN CARD prompt has been enabled on the terminal.

The SWIPE ADMIN CARD prompt always appears for the following reports, regardless of the POS Admin card configuration:

These reports include credit and debit Card numbers.

If the SWIPE ADMIN CARD prompt is enabled on your terminal, the prompt will appear for:

If the prompt is not enabled, the SWIPE ADMIN CARD prompt may still appear for: