Balance Inquiry on Pre-paid Credit Cards: SI Mode

In Semi-Integrated mode, follow this procedure to print the balance on a pre-paid credit card.

1.  Start the transaction from your ECR:

a. Select the Balance Inquiry transaction type.

b. Select the debit/credit tender type.

c. Send the transaction request.

2.  Continue the transaction on your iCT250 terminal:

a. If SWIPE ADMIN CARD appears, swipe the POS Admin card.

b. When SWIPE CARD or SWIPE OR INSERT CARD or SWIPE/INSERT/TAP CARD appears, enter the pre-paid credit card on the terminal. The card will be queried for its available balance.

    The terminal displays APPROVED GIVE CUST COPY and the receipt prints

3. Process the transaction receipts.

 Give the Balance Inquiry receipt to the customer.