Printing the Configuration Parameters Report

When you have finished configuring your terminal, perform this function in order to have a printed record of the terminal’s parameters. Included on the printout are:

 - software revision number (under Term Software Revision)

 - terminal identification information (under Host Initialization Parameters)

 - features enabled from the GENERAL PARAMS menu (under Terminal Configuration)

 - printer setup (under Printer Configuration)

 - all receipt trailer messages, pre-programmed and customized (under Trailer Message)

 - communications parameters (under Dial Comms Parms and Ethernet Parms)

 - optional features if enabled (e.g., Purchasing Card Parms,
    Multi-Terminal Parms, Clerk Multi- Subtotals Parms)


From the READY screen:

To navigate through the menus:

- Scroll down: press
the key to move the highlight bar down.
- Scroll up: press
the key to move the highlight bar up.
- Select a
highlighted item: press the  key.

For information about the keys...

1.  Press the  key.
The MAIN MENU appears.

2. Scroll down to REPORTS, and press the  key.
The REPORT FUNCS menu appears.

3.  Scroll up (it's faster) to CONFIG LIST, and press the  key.  
The PRINT TRAILER MESSAGES? prompt appears.

If the SWIPE ADMIN CARD prompt appears, swipe the POS Admin card.

4.  Press the key (NO) to skip the trailer message text   OR  
Press the key (YES) to include the text of all receipt trailer messages (English and French) programmed on your terminal.

The terminal displays PRINTING while it prints the report then returns to the READY screen.

If the PRINT ERNEX REPORT? appears ...