Installing the 2-part Power Cable

To turn on the terminal, simply connect the terminal's magic box a power outlet as outlined below:

IMPORTANT: You must use the exact power adaptor and cable provided with the terminal by Moneris Solutions. Failure to do so may affect the operability of, or cause damage to the terminal and Moneris Solutions shall have no liability whatsoever for a failure to follow these instructions.

1. Connect the two-part power supply plug (connect the plug piece to the adaptor piece).

2. Connect the adaptor cable to the magic box's circular port, which is labelled with the power symbol.


3. Plug the other end of the power cable into a power source.  

4.  The terminal (and external iPP320 PINpad if attached will power on). The terminal beeps, performs a self-test then displays:

a. "Authenticate ..." while it checks the applications on the terminal (this may take a moment or two)...
b. The Moneris Application and software version numbers...

5.   One of the following things will happen:

If this is the first time you have turned on the iCT250: The TERMINAL SETUP REQUIRED prompt will appear. Continue the  "Setting Up the Terminal" procedure at step 4.  

If you have already configured your terminal and are NOT logged on: The PLEASE LOGON prompt will appear. Go to Logon.

If you have already configured your terminal and are logged on:  The READY screen will appear.
(The terminal is ready to perform transactions. Go to the MAIN MENU.)

To power down the terminal...