Clerk Subtotals Report for All Clerks

From the READY screen:

To navigate through the menus:

- Scroll down: press
the key_f1-r.jpg key to move the highlight bar down.
- Scroll up: press
the key_f3-r.jpg key to move the highlight bar up.
- Select a
highlighted item: press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.

For information about the keys...

1.  Press the key_admin-r.jpg  key.
The MAIN MENU appears.

2.  Scroll down to REPORTS, and press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.
The REPORT FUNCS menu appears.

3.  Scroll down to CLERK INQUIRY, and press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.
The SINGLE/MULTIPLE CLERKS? prompt appears.

If the SWIPE ADMIN CARD prompt appears, swipe the POS Admin card.

4.  Press the key_f3-r.jpg key (MULTIPLE).

If enabled, the ZERO CLERK TOTALS? prompt appears.
a. Press the key_f1-r.jpg key (Yes) to reset the totals for all Clerk IDs to zero.

The MULT CLERKS(00 PEND) menu appears.

5.  Scroll down to ALL CLERKS, and press the key_okay-r.jpg  key.
The terminal communicates with the Moneris Host then prints:

a. The CLERK SUBTOTALS report for each Clerk ID
b. The OVERALL TOTALS report for all Clerk IDs.

When the reports are finished printing, the terminal returns to the READY screen.

If the PRINT ERNEX REPORT? appears ...  

Return to Clerk Subtotalling .