Security prompts

You may see various security prompts before you are able to process transactions and access functions.  Some examples include the time out screen (or idle screen), the temporary lock code prompt, the user ID/passcode prompt, and the Clerk ID prompt.

Review the table below on how to respond to each prompt.

Prompt Action
Time out screen showing the date and time (idle screen) The application has timed out.  
Tap the screen or press any key to continue.
If you are using clerk IDs, see "Enter Clerk ID" below.
Enter Clerk ID If clerk IDs are turned on , you must identify yourself by entering your clerk ID .
Key in your clerk ID, then tap OK.
Enter Temporary Lockcode This screen appears if you locked the terminal.  
Enter your temporary lock code .
You can also tap Use a User ID and Passcode instead. See below.
Please enter your User ID and Passcode To use protected menus and transactions, you must identify yourself by user ID and passcode .
Touch the User ID field and enter your user ID.
Touch the Passcode field and enter your passcode.
Touch OK.

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