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To get help, you can call Moneris Customer Care or log in to Merchant Direct.

Telephone assistance

When you need to:

  Call us:

§        resolve balancing issues

§        solve problems with your terminal

§        report a Code 10 situation

§        change the settings on your terminal

Moneris Customer Care

1-866-319-7450 toll-free

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Merchant Direct

Log in to Merchant Direct, and use the Message Centre to send a secure message directly to Moneris Customer Care. If you have not yet enrolled in Merchant Direct, refer to Enroll in Merchant Direct for instructions.

Ordering point-of-sale supplies and receipt paper

Visit to purchase point-of-sale supplies including receipt paper rolls.

Business insights

Visit for business and payment news, trends, customer success stories, and quarterly reports & insights.