Reprinting Receipts

This function prints a duplicate Cardholder copy of a receipt.

Note: To have the function print the Merchant copy of a receipt as well as the Cardholder copy, enable the Reprnt Merch Copy parameter (see Configuring Receipt Printing).

Note: For debit transactions, if you set the Customer Copy parameter to “None”, only the Merchant copy of the receipt initially prints. But if you perform a reprint receipt, the Cardholder copy is printed.

To reprint a receipt:

1.       On the applications menu, select DEBIT & CREDIT.
The message "Activating App..." is displayed, then the transactions menu appears.

2.       Press the (REPRINT) icon.  The REPRINT menu appears.

3.       Choose one of the following:

        To reprint the Cardholder copy of the last transaction receipt, select Last Receipt.

        To reprint a different receipt, select Any Receipt, key in the transaction's Sequence Number and press the green OK key.

The terminal prints the Cardholder copy of the receipt.

Note: On Signatureless Transactions, only the Cardholder copy is printed regardless of the Reprnt Merch Copy setting.


If the "Reprint Last Merchant Cpy" prompt appears:

        Select Yes to print the Merchant copy of the receipt.

        Select No to return directly to the transactions menu without printing.