The Menu Feature

All transactions and functions can be accessed through menus and sub-menus starting at the applications menu.

Navigating through menus:

To scroll down:

        Select the DOWN_icon_25.jpg icon (press the left-most purple key) to move down to the next menu screen.

To scroll up:

1.      Press the yellow Yellow_Key.jpg key to change the direction of the arrow on the display screen.

2.      Select the UP_icon_25.jpg icon (press the left-most purple key) to move up to the next menu screen.


To select an item:

        Press the function key beside the menu item (e.g., on the transactions menu, press F1 to select Purchase).


Navigating through parameters:

To move to the next feature:

        Select Next.


To move back to the last feature displayed:

        Select Previous.


Changing the value of a parameter:

1.      Select Edit.

2.      Select Next to scroll through the values and select Slct to select a displayed value.
Key in a new value and press the green Green_Key.jpg key.

3.      Select Next to move to the next feature.


When you are finished making changes:

1.      Select Exit. The "Save Changes?" prompt appears.

2.      Select OK. The menu re-appears.



Icons displayed on the menus:




CommServer is being used for Ethernet communications