The Batch History Report

This report enables merchants to print the totals for all transactions for up to seven closed batches. The report's data is collected from locally stored transaction totals information from the terminal.

To print the Batch History Report:

1.       On the applications menu, select DEBIT & CREDIT.
The message "Activating App..." is displayed, then the transactions menu appears.

2.       Press the REPORTS key (first purple key on the right). 
If the "Password:" prompt appears, key in the manager password and press the green Green_Key.jpg key.

3.       Select Batch History.
The "Rpt Period:" prompt appears.

4.       Choose one of the following:

        To print batch totals for a specific date:

a.       Select Date.

b.       At the "Settlement Date:" prompt, key in the date (in MMDDYY format) and press the green Green_Key.jpg key.

        To print all transactions and totals:

        Select All.

The terminal prints the Batch History report and returns to the REPORTS menu.

5.       Press the red Red_Key.jpg key to return to the transactions menu.