Configuring Your Terminal   

Your VX 520  terminal can be set up to accept and process a variety of cards including debit cards, credit cards, Private Label credit cards, and corporate (a.k.a. purchasing) credit cards. The terminal can also be set up to support gift card programs and loyalty programs.

Before you begin using your terminal to process transactions, you must configure it, inputting any special values and parameters needed for the options you want to use. Before you start, ensure you have the following information available:

        your Merchant ID

        your Terminal ID


To configure your terminal:

1. Configure the communications parameters.

2. Configure your Merchant ID and Terminal ID.

3. Select the standard features and the optional features you intend to use on the terminal.

4. Configure the selected features:

        Receipt printing

        Tip Processing


        Clerk IDs and Clerk Sub-Totalling

        Invoice Prompting

        Multi-Terminal Reporting

        Private Label Cards

        Corporate Cards


Note: Some terminal parameters can be edited using the Quick Setup menu.

5. Initialize your terminal.

6. Print a Terminal Parameters Report.