Batch Reclaim

The batch possesses a certain amount of memory to store transaction data. Batch Reclaim is a process by which System Close merchants can manage the size of the batch. Once the batch reaches a certain number of transactions, the first transactions in the batch can be moved to make room in the batch for newer transactions. The Batch Reclaim function on the transactions menu enables a merchant to choose when to allow the terminal to move transactions.

Note: Batch Reclaim should only be performed by merchants whose account is configured for System Close. Merchants who are configured for Merchant Close should perform their normal end of day processes instead of using the Batch Reclaim function.

Note: The terminal displays two messages to notify merchants that the batch is getting close to full. "Must Settle Soon" is displayed twice, then the "Batch Full" message is displayed when the batch becomes filled with transaction data.

IMPORTANT: When the "Batch Full" message is displayed, Merchant Close merchants must perform a Merchant Batch Close to remove the batch.

IMPORTANT: If you are a System Close merchant and you see the "Batch Full" message, then this would be the proper time to initiate a Batch Reclaim, even if it is not the end of your day.

Follow the instructions below to begin the Batch Reclaim:

1.       On the transactions menu, scroll down and select Batch Reclaim.
The Batch Reclaim screen appears.

2.       Select Yes to enable the Batch Reclaim process.
The terminal processes the command and returns to the transactions menu.